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Mighty Pizza! – Mighty Practical! – Mighty Proud!

We’ve got lots to tell you about the Mighty Pizza Stone and how to bake the best pizza on your outdoor grill or in your indoor oven — too much for this collection of popular questions.

And so, we invite you to also download the Mighty Pizza Stone User Manual, where you will also find lots of more detailed information about the Mighty Pizza Stone, along with baking tips and tricks, our recommended easy pizza dough recipe and  much more. And don’t miss our unique Dough Recipe Calculator that lets you adjust your pizza dough ingredient quantities based on how many pizzas you’re making and how much time you want to let your dough rise before baking.

You can also contact us with anything you would like to ask and we will be happy to reply as soon as possible, usually the same day.

The Mighty Pizza Stone (MPS) sits on your grill and has an adjustable heat diffuser that lets you control how much heat reaches the pizza stone and the bottom of your pizza. This means you can balance the bottom heat coming direct from your grill flame with the rising hot air and reflected heat from your grill’s lid and create the ideal oven conditions to cook your pizza and topping to perfection in just 2 to 8 minutes, depending on your grill.

No more burnt base and raw toppings as happens with regular pizza stones.
Mighty Pizza! – Mighty Practical! – Mighty Proud!

The Mighty Pizza Stone is specifically designed to adapt to a wide variety of grills and heat sources, including wood, charcoal and gas grills.

Your grill must meet the following requirements:

  • It must have a lid, as well as a main cooking surface of at least 18” wide and 16” deep
  • It must also be able to reach a temperature of more than 500ºF

You will find detailed instructions for measuring the temperature your grill can reach in Section 3.1 of the user manual. Just put your Mighty Pizza Stone in place, fire up and enjoy your trusted grill like never before. Invite your friends over and bake some delicious pizza in your backyard. Mighty party!

The stainless steel heat diffuser base attached to the Mighty Pizza Stone absorbs heat from your grill’s heat source and transmits it to the pizza stone evenly. You can control how much heat the stone gets by adjusting the gap between the diffuser and the stone.  Use the thumbscrews on the base to increase the gap between the diffuser and the pizza stone and lower the temperature of the stone. Decrease the gap to make the pizza stone hotter. However, DO NOT attempt to make adjustments while the stone is HOT!

Start with the narrowest gap setting and increase the gap by three full turns of the thumb screws as necessary each time you bake, after the stone has cooled down. You will need a small infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of your pizza stone so that you can make the necessary adjustments. After a few test bakes you will find the right settings to use according to your grill and its fuel and will be baking perfect pizza every time. Mighty power!

You can use the Mighty Pizza Stone in any home oven, electric or gas. Preheat your oven to maximum temperature, detach the heat diffuser from the Mighty Pizza Stone, and use it as a regular pizza stone for a baking time of about 8 minutes.

If your oven has a broiler, turn it on and place the Mighty Pizza Stone directly underneath it for a speedier cooking time of 2 – 4 minutes. Some electric broilers may not reach the right temperature immediately, so you may have to adjust the time a bit. More details in section 4 of the MPS manual.

You can indeed use you Mighty Pizza Stone to concentrate your grill or oven’s heat to cook all kinds of food. However, DO NOT allow food other than pizza or bread dough to come into contact with the Mighty Pizza Stone. The pizza stone will absorb any fats, oils, or butter in the food, which can cause staining, smoke and, odors when you next bake and can also impart rancid flavors to your food. Any food other than bread or pizza dough should be placed in a metal pan on top of the stone.

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After use, scrape off any stuck food from the Mighty Pizza Stone and wash it in warm water. Don’t use any soap or detergent as it can be absorbed by the stone and will give your next bakes a nasty flavor. Clean the stainless steel diffuser with a stiff nylon bush (no scratchy metal brushes or steel wool) to remove grease and food stains (especially acidic tomato sauce) that can corrode even the best stainless steel with time.

Do not immerse the hot parts in water as they may warp or break due to thermal shock. Keep your Mighty Pizza Stone dry, and we also recommend coating the metal parts with a thin layer of food-safe oil like olive, canola or flax seed oil as an extra precaution against rust.

You will find full maintenance and care tips in section 5 of the manual.

You’re about to find out how easy it really is to bake your own delicious pizza with the Mighty Pizza Stone. Some people buy their pizza dough ready made, but it just takes 5 to 10 minutes to mix the ingredients together in the right amounts and knead your dough to consistency. Let your dough rise and you’re ready to bake. And experimenting with your own pizza topping ideas is all the fun, of course.

As with any type of cooking, some tips and tricks will take you a long way, and you can download the user manual to read our favourites. In no time you’ll be delighting friends and family with your pizza creations and sharing your own best ideas.

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We offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee on the Mighty Pizza Stone. You find more details on this in section 10 of the User Manual. Besides, the Mighty Pizza Stone is covered by a warranty where we guarantee it to be free from material defects and bad workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase when utilized for normal household use. For more information on the warranty, please read the section 11 of the manual, or visit our website: MightyPizzaStone.com.

Enjoy the world of pizzamaking outdoor  on your backyard grill or indoor in your home with the Mighty Pizza Stone.

Mighty Pizza! – Mighty Practical! – Mighty Proud!