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What is the Mighty Pizza Stone (MPS)?

The Mighty Pizza Stone turns your grill into an easy to use pizza oven to bake pizza and bread outdoors. It is fast, fun, easy and, most importantly, DELICIOUS!

How does the Mighty Pizza Stone work?

Traditional pizza stones take your grill’s heat and transmits most of it to your pizza bottom, while much less heat reaches your pizza top and toppings. The result is usually a burnt or overcooked crust and undercooked toppings. Thanks to its adjustable heat diffuser made of quality stainless steel, the Mighty Pizza Stone solves this problem: the heat diffuser takes heat from your grill and retransmits it to the cordierite pizza stone that is in contact with your pizza, bread or other dish you are baking.

What are the components & materials of the Mighty Pizza Stone?

The Mighty Pizza Stone is made up of five basic parts, and is designed with functionality in mind. It is built up from 7 elements:

Item 1– 14.39” Round Pizza Stone: Made of cordierite, which is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic, this piece can withstand sudden changes in temperature.

Item 2– 15” Round Heat Diffuser Pan: Designed with two ears to make an easy-to-carry piece, the diffuser pan is constructed of durable 410 Stainless Steel, a material known for its corrosion-resistant properties. Three holes in the center form a triangle for the T-nuts (Item 3).

Item 3– Three (3) T-Nuts / Locking Nuts: These fix to the diffuser pan through its three holes.

Item 4– Three (3) Adjustable Thumbscrews: The thumbscrews act as your controls for increasing or decreasing the gap between the pizza stone and the heat diffuser. This gap controls the heat of the pizza stone. The screws enter from the inside of the diffuser, so the heads provide a resting place for the pizza stone and keep it from sitting directly on the diffuser / T-nuts. This is where the magic happens.

Item 5– Pizza Stone Wire Frame: Easily lift the pizza stone from the diffuser with the help of the wire frame’s useful handles. This makes it easy to access and adjust the thumbscrews, and safely transport the heated stone to a safe location.

Item 6– Three (3) Leg Base: Screws into the MPS directly and will keep your MPS ½” off the grill grates. This will keep the MPS away from the grease on the grill grates and keep it clean. It will also make it easier to place or slide the MPS onto your grill grates.

Item 7– Three (3) Leg Extensions: These fit between the MPS and the leg base mentioned above, allowing the MPS to be raised 3” higher.

Can I use any outdoor grill to bake pizza?

On traditional outdoor grills, the heat source is located below the pizza stone, which means a traditional pizza stone becomes much hotter than the air above it and the bottom of the pizza overcooks or even gets burnt.

The Mighty Pizza Stone solves this problem instantly. Its adjustable STAINLESS STEEL heat diffuser lets you manage the bottom heat from your gas, charcoal or wood-burning grill, so that you get your baking right every time.

Can I use the MPS on my electric home oven?

Yes, you can use the MPS pizza stone without the heat diffuser like a regular pizza stone in your indoor home oven. When you do this, your bake time will be about 8 minutes.

A faster bake time of between 2.5 minutes and 3.5 minutes can be achieved by leaving your oven door slightly ajar. Before doing this however, check that this practice is permitted by your oven manufacturer.

Please check section 3.6 in our manual for more information about using the MPS on electric ovens.

I have never made pizza before. Do I need any special skills?

Anyone can make great pizza at home. It’s easy once you learn the basics and you do not need any particular skills. Like any other type of cooking or activity, a few tips and tricks will make a huge difference and your pizzas will get better and better over time. At the same time, you’ll be having fun baking them on the Mighty Pizza Stone and sharing them with your family and friends.


What is there to know before I use the Mighty Pizza Stone on my grill?

The Mighty Pizza Stone can be used on any grill if your grill meets the following conditions:

  • The grill’s main cooking surface must be at least 18” wide and 16” deep.
  • Your grill must be able to reach a temperature of more than 500oF at 1” above a 15” x 15” sheet of aluminum foil placed on your grill grates with the lid closed.

See section 3.1 on how to measure your grill temperature and section 3.3 – 3.6 for advice on different grill types.

Are there tools required for the baking?

An infrared thermometer is definitely required, as without it, it would be impossible to determine the MPS stone’s temperature. It is also advised to use a timer to keep track of your average baking time to reduce the number of times you open your grill lid.

Check out section 9 in our manual for more recommended accessories.

What about the ingredients? What type of flour do you recommend?

For pizza baking temperatures between 500oF and 650oF, bread flour is recommended. For temperatures between 650oF and 750oF however, all-purpose flour is more suitable. Caputo flour requires a temperature higher than 800oF to brown when baked. It is therefore not recommended that you use it with your MPS.

Check out our sections 6., 7. and 8. for practical cooking an baking advices.


What makes cooking and baking outdoors special?

Using an outdoor grill is a far superior cooking method than an indoor oven. It is faster, hotter (for a perfect crust), requires no time in between pizzas (one pizza can be done after another), and doesn’t heat up your home.

How can I control the heat while baking?

The heat diffuser takes heat from your grill and retransmits it to the cordierite pizza stone that is in contact with your pizza, bread or other dish you are baking.

With the Mighty Pizza Stone, you can control the heat that reaches the bottom of your pizza separately from the overall heat of your grill.

The stainless steel pan attached to the Mighty Pizza Stone absorbs heat from your grill’s heat source and transmits it to the pizza stone evenly. The gap between the diffuser and the stone acts as insulation. Simply increase the gap between the diffuser and the pizza stone to lower the temperature of the stone. Decrease the gap to make the pizza stone hotter. Do NOT attempt to adjust while the stone is HOT!

How do I find the ideal setting?

It will take few times before you find the sweet spot for your grill. Start with the lowest setting and increase the gap by three full turns each bake when the stone is cool to touch.

How can I measure the grill temperature and adjust the MPS?

To determine your grill’s maximum temperature at 1” above MPS, we recommend using a grill thermometer, for example the “Pizzacraft PC0409 Stainless Steel Oven and Grill Thermometer”. Place the thermometer on a 15” x 15” sheet of aluminum foil on your grill. Use multiple layers of aluminum foil to prevent the sides of the 15” x 15” aluminum sheet from lifting due to heat currents. Base your gap adjustments on that temperature reading.

You find more information about that in our user manual at section 3.

Is there a way to reduce the preheat time?

To reduce the stone preheat time significantly, remove the pizza stone from the MPS heat diffuser using the stone wire rack, and preheat it without the diffuser until it reaches your desired temperature. Move it into the metal diffuser a few minutes before you are ready to bake. Make sure you use high heat BBQ gloves and carry the hot stone using the wire frame. Do NOT touch the hot stone, even with the high heat BBQ gloves.

What if I overheated the stone? How can I correct this?

If the stone has reached a higher temperature than what you desired, you can reduce it by simply leaving the grill lid open until the temperature is down, or you can spray water on the stone.

Generally how much time do I need in order to bake a pizza?

Pizza baking time depends on the maximum temperature your grill can achieve, your grill heat source, type of flour, pizza thickness and the number of ingredient you used.

Is there something to do during the baking time?

Do not allow food other than pizza or bread dough to come into contact with the MPS pizza stone.

Foods that contain fat, oil, or butter should not contact the stone directly. These should be baked or placed in a metal pan, as the stone will absorb the fat, oil and butter, which can cause smoking, odors, staining and can impart rancid flavors to items that you bake in the future.

Can I bake or cook another type of food as well on the MPS?

Do not allow food other than pizza or bread dough to come into contact with the MPS pizza stone.

Foods that contain fat, oil, or butter should not contact the stone directly. These should be baked or placed in a metal pan, as the stone will absorb the fat, oil and butter, which can cause smoking, odors, staining and can impart rancid flavors to items that you bake in the future.

Do you have any good pizza recipes?

We offer you a wide range of recipes in our section 7. Read this part of the manual for tips, trick and description to make the perfect pizza or bread, and to have the most fun out of the baking.


How shall I clean the metal parts of MPS?

When it comes to cleaning stainless steel, you need to remember that this material will scratch easily, so never use steel wool or metal brushes to clean metal parts of the Mighty Pizza Stone. Clean with a stiff nylon brush and don’t use soap or detergents. Avoid immersing in water, as the MPS metal diffuser may warp due to thermal shock. If the MPS metal parts are wet, towel dry immediately.

How to clean the pizza stone?

Cleaning the pizza stones is actually an easy job, provided you follow the right method. The most important thing is not to EVER use any form of soap on the pizza stone. Use a plastic utensil or scraper to remove excess food. Rinse the pizza stone with water when necessary, but do not soak it. Let it dry out fully. If the stone is not clean after the first rinse, repeat the procedure.

While cleaning the pizza stone with water, always keep in mind that the water must be plain and warm.

Check out section 4 in the manual for more cleaning tips.


How shall I store MPS?

It is best to store the MPS in its original packaging, in a cabinet or in a dry indoor location such as a garage. Remember: NEVER move the Mighty Pizza Stone while it is hot, not even while using high heat resistant oven mitts.

Any other advice related to safety?

Please carefully read the MPS manual before using our product, and always follow the grill´s manufacturer´s safety instructions.

You find more very safety important information in section 1 of our product manual.


Do you have guarantee on this product?

Yes, we offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee on the Mighty Pizza Stone. You find more details on this in section 10 of our manual. Please also check our website, for more details on return and product exchange.

How long is the warranty on the MPS?

The Mighty Pizza Stone is guaranteed to be free from material defects and bad workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase when utilized for normal household use. For more information on the warranty, please read the section 11 of our manual, or visit our website:

I have questions that are not listed here. How can I contact you?

Please use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us. We do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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