Get the most out of your Mighty Pizza Stone with these top 11 recommended  pizza making tools

Ready to create your first batch of delicious pizzas? You can’t bake pizza with just Mighty Pizza Stone; you need some other tools too! Below are top 11 tools that will aid you in your pizza making adventures. These items are not required but are recommended for you to get the most out of your Mighty Pizza Stone.

1)   Baker’s percentage calculator with yeast quantity estimator:    Having the right amount yeast and the right ratio of flour, water and salt is the key to a great pizza or bread dough.

2)   Scale: Measuring is crucial to getting your recipes right. Measuring flour accurately can be tricky and generally people prefer to measure by weight, rather than in cups or tablespoons.

3)   Non-Contact IR Infrared Thermometer – A handheld non-contact IR infrared thermometer allows you to take accurate temperature readings. Some have a red laser pointer for precise aiming. Choose a model with an adequate temperature range, such as: 0 to over +100oF

4)   Short handled wooden pizza peels – For assembling pizzas and sliding them onto your pizza stone.

5)   A short round metal pizza peel – For rotating and removing baked pizzas from the Mighty Pizza Oven’s round pizza stone. You will find that using a round metal peel is easier than trying to remove or turn your pizzas with a wooden peel.

6)   Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

7)   Kitchen timer – Helps keeping track of the pizza stone warming time and pizza baking time. Knowing how long your average bake time is will minimize the number of time that you will need to open your grill lid to check your pizza. Much heat is lost each time you open your grill lid.

8)   Pocket thermometer: Measuring room temperature is crucial to estimate your dough rise time.

9)   Pizza Cutter – Choose a Pizza Cutter with a nonslip handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and an approximately 4-inch stainless-steel wheel blade that is beveled for sharpness.

10) Dough Scraper/Cutter – Useful for chopping and dividing dough into portions.

11)   Pizza serving plates – Over 13” Diameter, ceramic, aluminum or Stainless Steel.

Share with us your favorite pizza making tool or accessory and help us find the best place to get them by sharing links and reviews.

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