Meet My Inspiration

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Without the support of my girls, none of my inventions would have been possible. I love making dough and pizza with my little helpers, and the best part is that they enjoy it as much as I do.  They are my little pizza connoisseurs, critiquing every store bought pizza, and claiming “daddy’s pizza is so much better!”.

Our Pizza Story

Hi, my name is Bert Touma, I am the inventor of the Mighty Pizza Oven & Mighty Pizza Stone. My first job at a pizzeria, soon gave rise to my pizza passion.  I strived to improve my pizza technique using different dough recipe, pizza stones, toppings, etc… I tried it all!

Through my years of experimentation, I quickly learned the secret behind delicious pizza…a VERY HOT OVEN.  A hot oven allows the pizza to cook quickly, while staying moist and delicious.  The needed temperature is higher than any indoor home oven can get.  Sure, you can get a authentic outdoor pizza oven for thousands of dollars, dedicate a lot of space to them and consume lots of energy…just not practical for the average person. The alternative, pizza oven grill inserts, are hard to use, can’t control the stone temperature and don’t deliver a quality pizza.

My breakthrough occurred one day, while I was on vacation with my family in Fort Lauderdale.  We were having lunch at an outdoor restaurant. As I watched the chef cook my burger on the grill, under a basting cover…BAM, that was it!  The Mighty Pizza Oven idea was born.  I was going to create an inexpensive oven that would use my grill as a powerful heat source, and reproduce the conditions inside a brick oven, which is the ideal pizza baking conditions.

A few prototypes later, I was baking lovely, golden-brown pizzas in 2 to 4 minutes on my backyard grill!  I knew others would want to do this too, so I finalized my design and produced couple of batches of Mighty Pizza Ovens (MPO).  I sold them on Amazon and eBay, gaining many happy customers and positive reviews, along the way.

MPO is the best pizza oven insert on the market.  No other oven or pizza oven is capable of matching MPOs baking capabilities with such a low heat requirement. My next goal was to perfect MPO to allow it to work equally well with charcoal and wood burning grills, as it does with gas grills, AND to allow for super high temperatures (over 800 F), for Neapolitan pizza.

And so, the Mighty Pizza Stone was born. MPS allows you to make pizza using a variety of outdoor baking methods – gas, charcoal, wood – and to reach high cooking temperatures, needed for Neapolitan pizza.  MPS can be used on your backyard grill or taken with you for camping trips or tailgating adventures.  re commonly used at home, tailgating and camping.


The Mighty Pizza Stone was successfully launched on Kickstarter.  The first MPS batch will be available in April 2017. Guarantee yourself an MPS by pre-ordering now, on Indegogo. [I am currently tweaking the MPO design and will have that available to MPS owners first, once available.]