Our Pizza Story

Hi! I am Bert Touma, an engineer by trade and an inventor at heart. Making and sharing homemade pizza in my free time has become my great love.

Pizza is a delicious dish, a descendant of the Ancient Roman flatbreads that were so similar to the flatbreads we still bake in my native Lebanon today.

Everyone loves pizza and this is another way I can be creative and innovative. There are an incredible number of ways to enjoy pizza and the almost infinite combination of toppings makes this simple dish a true creator’s playground. And best of all, I get to enjoy my creations with my beloved family and friends.

Share pizza, share love!

Ever since I got seriously into this hobby back in 2012, I have looked for ways to improve and simplify my pizza making experience by drawing from old ideas and experimenting with new and innovative techniques.

The Mighty Pizza Stone (MPS) is the result of all this experimentation and was designed as an accessory to go with my Mighty Pizza Oven, which is a pizza oven insert for outdoor gas and charcoal grills.

Even though the Mighty Pizza Oven (which I launched on Kickstarter) is currently sold out, the Mighty Pizza Stone also works fantastically with your outdoor gas or charcoal grill, and even in your indoor oven. The Mighty Pizza Stone cooks your pizza base to perfection and gives your pizzas the extra crunch and extra awesomeness you want!

Like many people, I struggled in the early days with getting the perfect baking balance between my pizza crusts and my toppings. With the Mighty Pizza Stone this no longer an issue. The Mighty Pizza Stone stores a ton of heat from your oven and transfers it evenly to the pizza crust for perfect crunchiness and a faster bake that will make sure your toppings retain their natural juices and flavors.

Check out the Mighty Pizza Stone and delight your family and friends as you take your pizza baking to the next level.

Share pizza, share love!

Bert Touma (Follow me on Instagram)