Transform your grill into a perfect balanced pizza oven and bake the perfect pizza every time!

Baking pizza and bread on your outdoor grill using the Mighty Pizza Stone (MPS) is fast, fun, easy and most importantly, DELICIOUS!

Using an outdoor grill is a far superior cooking method than an indoor oven. It is faster, hotter (for a perfect crust), requires no time in between pizzas (one pie after another), and doesn’t heat up your home.

On outdoor grills, the heat source is located below the pizza stone, which means a traditional pizza stone becomes much hotter than the air above it and the bottom of the pizza overcooks or even gets burnt.

The Mighty Pizza Stone solves this problem instantly.

Its adjustable STAINLESS STEEL heat diffuser lets you manage the bottom heat from your gas, charcoal or wood-burning grill so that you get your baking right every time.

Order Your Own Mighty Pizza Stone And Start Making Pizza On Your grill – Before We Run Out Of Stock!

    With Mighty Pizza Stone, that transforms your grill into a powerful and excellent pizza oven, we can safely say that you will never spend a buck on pizza delivery again!


    Most similar pizza pans for barbeque grills can’t be controlled temperature-wise; but our pizza stone has a stainless steel heat diffuser that guarantees your pizza is evenly cooked!


    An outdoor grill makes for an excellent pizza oven, thus every friend of yours that happens to own a grill will definitely love this gift idea, because it’s practical, smart and thoughtful!


    Bake for them a pizza that finally has a perfect crust AND thoroughly cooked toppings as well – thanks to our Mighty Pizza Stone which turned your grill into a balanced pizza oven!


    When it comes to our Mighty Pizza Stone we make a point of using nothing but superior cordierite and 410 stainless steel, so that we can be certain they meet your highest standards!

Order Your Own Mighty Pizza Stone And Start Making Pizza On Your grill – Before We Run Out Of Stock!

How does the Mighty Pizza Stone work?

Traditional pizza stones take your grill’s heat and transmit a lot of heat to your pizza bottom, while much less heat reaches your pizza top and toppings. The result is usually a burnt or overcooked crust and undercooked toppings. Not good!​

The Mighty Pizza Stone solves this problem thanks to its adjustable heat diffuser made of quality stainless steel.

The heat diffuser takes heat from your grill and retransmits it to the cordierite pizza stone that is in contact with your pizza, bread or other dish you are baking.

With the Mighty Pizza Stone, you can control the heat that reaches the bottom of your pizza separately from the overall heat of your grill.

The stainless steel pan attached to the Mighty Pizza Stone absorbs heat from your grill’s heat source and transmits it evenly to the pizza stone itself. The gap between the diffuser and the stone acts as an insulation. Simply increase the gap between the diffuser and the pizza stone to lower the temperature of the stone. Decrease the gap to make the pizza stone hotter. Do NOT attempt to adjust while stone is HOT.​

Balancing the top and bottom temperatures in this way means the top and bottom of your pizza will bake at the same rate, giving you excellent results every time on any outdoor grill.

It’s fast, fun and simple!

Perfect for artisan bread too!

Order Your Own Mighty Pizza Stone And Start Making Pizza On Your grill – Before We Run Out Of Stock!

The Mighty Pizza Stone is the answer to the perfect pizza, every time, everywhere!

What others say about us

Jason Frazer

… the MPS prototype has been fantastic to play with. I got it back in September, and after a couple practice runs it makes great pizza every time. I even had a couple pizza parties at my house before it got cold. On my 30,000 BTU gas grill it takes about 3-4 minutes depending on how you like the crust….. I can crank out pizza faster than my friends can prep them.

Jason FrazerKicktarter Backer / The First Mighty Pizza Oven OwnerMighty Pizza Stone Kickstarter Project

June 2017 – @MightyPizzaOven you’re invention is eggcellent

July 2017 – I just want to thank again for the MPS. It makes the best pizza on my BGE

Order Your Own Mighty Pizza Stone And Start Making Pizza On Your grill – Before We Run Out Of Stock!