Different kinds of flour can create huge difference on the texture and appearance of your crust

Creating the best crust is probably the first goal when creating pizzas. Different kinds of flour can create huge difference on the texture and appearance of your crust. The difference between types of flour is mainly in its varying protein content. Gluten, a protein composite found in wheat flour, when mixed with water provides structure to dough and gives it a springy, chewy consistency. It helps keep the fermentation gas from escaping, creating a less-dense pizza dough. It stretches the dough without breaking it and retains less water, making the crust crisp perfect. Hence, the more protein in the flour, the better suited it is for pizza making. Here are the most common varieties.

Bread Flour is a common flour available in most grocery stores, that is somewhere between 00 flour and high gluten flour with regards to protein content (typically 11% – 13%). It is intended to be used to baked goods that are leavened with yeasts. Bread flour will give great results with the Mighty Pizza Stone. Compared to all-purpose flour, bread flour contains more protein which can create chewier crusts. In fact, many people say it makes the best kind of pizza crust because it rises easily, giving the crust a nice, chewy texture.

Nutrition Information Per 100g Serving:

Calories 361kcal, Protein 11.98g, Total Fat 1.66g (Sat. Fat 0.24g), Cholesterol 0.00mg, Carbohydrates 72.53g, Fiber 2.40g, Sugar 0.31g, Sodium 2.00mg, Vit C 0.00mg, Vit A 0.00μg

All-Purpose Flour is the kind of flour most commonly found lying around in the pantry and it will do for making homemade crust if you don’t have any other flour at hand. You will probably obtain a better taste and texture using one of the other types of flour we mentioned, but still, it is possible to make a good crust with all-purpose flour.

Nutrition Information Per 100g Serving:

Calories 364kcal, Protein 10.33g, Total Fat 0.98g (Sat. Fat 0.15g), Cholesterol 0.00mg, Carbohydrates 76.31g, Fiber 2.70g, Sugar 0.27g, Sodium 2.00mg, Vit C 0.00mg, Vit A 0.00μg

00 Flour is finely-milled Italian flour. Because of its fine granules, this flour needs less water for hydration. It is recommended for use in high-temperature ovens that reach temperatures of over 800ºF. 00 Flour is typically used to make traditional Neapolitan style pizzas, and pizzas made with this kind of flour have a softer texture. One of the most common brands of 00 flour is Caputo. Be careful though, 00 Flour can come in a wide range of protein content. One bag of 00 flour can have a 9.5% protein (best for pastries, while another bag can have a 12.3% protein (best for pizzas); same brand, same 00 flour, just different packaging. Hence, make sure to read the label so that you will get the one suited for pizza making.

High Gluten Flour is high protein flour that is often used in New York-style pizzas, giving them a more bread-like texture. This kind of flour is very uncommon in supermarkets. You probably have to look at the bulk bins at some grocery stores. Common brands to look out for are King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and All Trumps. Although it can create great pizza crusts, caution must be taken as it can easily make a very tough crust as well.

Nutrition Information Per 100g Serving:

Calories 362kcal, Protein 15.33g, Total Fat 1.41g (Sat. Fat 0.27g), Cholesterol 0.00mg, Carbohydrates 69.88g, Fiber 2.40g, Sugar 0.92g, Sodium 2.00mg, Vit C 0.00mg, Vit A 0.00μg 

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